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This Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use and thus come into effect with the Terms and Conditions of Use. Any general terms of the Terms and Conditions of Use shall apply to this Policy, except where explicitly excluded. Any reward you have will be subject to this policy.

1. We believe in Fair Play, hence there are no wagering requirements on any of our rewards or offers. Since we are fair, we expect you to be too, and in order to guide you on our expectations we have prepared the following Fair Play Policy. Any internal investigation which uncovers noncompliance of this Fair Play Policy, which will be determined by Us in Our sole opinion, may result in the removal of funds from your balance, suspension of any current or future Reward or closure of your account and refusal of any of your future accounts. Any of the below patterns and behaviours are considered Anti Fair Play.
1. Accruing OJO Plus or Unlocking Levels and receiving OJO Wheel rewards by using low risk betting patterns (low margin betting, equal betting, zero risk bets, hedge betting, doubling systems. For the avoidance of doubt this includes using low risk betting patterns either alone or by colluding with others, either on this site or with one party on this site and another party on a different site. 2. Utilizing or attempting to utilize our currency conversion option in order to gain rewards/offers in a stronger currency 3. Depositing purely to take advantage our Rewards/Offers and with no intention of playing /risking the funds you deposited with. 4. Colluding in any way with others in order to take advantage of Rewards or offers.

2. If, at any point in time after reading this policy something is not clear, or you would like to be blocked from receiving our Rewards and/or to have any Rewards removed from your account, please contact our Customer Support Department team before you commence play.

3. Unless otherwise stated, any free spin rewards you receive will be played with the lowest value bet on the online slots games linked to your Free Spins. In the event of any misconfiguration of your free spins package which results in the spins being a higher value we reserve the right to remove any winnings from the reward and re-apply at the correct bet amount.

4. In the event that a technical misconfiguration results in the incorrect number of free spins/free bingo tickets or OJO Wheel spins added to your account we reserve the right to correct this by removing any winnings received and re-adding the reward with the correct configuration

5. If for any reason you do not manage to claim your reward/wheel/free spins/free bingo tickets after it was added to your account, please contact the customer support department.

6. If the Reward you were trying to claim does not appear automatically in your account, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

7. Unless stated otherwise, Free Rewards (ie, Rewards which are given without the need for a deposit) are only available to those with a Real Account.

8. A Player is not allowed to register more than one account. This means only one account is allowed to be registered per person, household, family, household address, email address, card number, e-wallet account or shared computer environment (example: a library, workplace, fraternity, university or school). Any attempt to try to deceive management by registering multiple accounts to gain rewards will be deemed as abuse and will result in the account(s) being suspended and the removal of your funds from your Balance.

9. Individual promotions may have additional terms and conditions which will override or contribute to the terms and conditions here stated. Please check carefully all terms and conditions associated before taking part. Should the terms and conditions of the individual promotions conflict with the Reward and Game Play Policy, the individual promotions terms shall apply.

10. Regardless of the currency that we advertise or display reward amounts, the reward will always be credited according to the currency your account is configured to.

11. In accordance with the privacy policy, we regularly send promotional communications with offers. You are only eligible for the offer if you received the communication directly from us. If We determine that a specific customer did not receive that particular promotion as an intended exclusive targeted recipient that this promotion was communicated to, we will not honour any payout requests from the customer.

12. We reserve the right to cancel promotions or reward offers, of any kind at any time, without prior notice. Any such cancellation will not affect an award already redeemed.

13. All offers you see in your Kickers are available to you because of the current state of your account. Offers can become unavailable before the time has expired due to changes within the account caused by transactions made.

14. Unless otherwise specified, the minimum deposit to qualify for any deposit reward is £10 or the equivalent value in any other currency.

15. A Non Real Account which received free money (no deposit reward/ registration reward etc’), is limited to a win a maximum amount of £100. This means that any Non Real Account will have any amount greater than £100 removed. If you are making or made a first deposit and you have a balance greater than £100 at the time of depositing you must contact us before playing in order for us to make the necessary balance adjustments. Failing to do so will result in any extra wins being removed from your account.

16. Customers from Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, China, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Brazil, Slovenia and Lithuania are not permitted to claim any no deposit offers/free money offers/registration rewards/refer a friend or any other type of offer which can be deemed free.

17. Players from Northern Ireland are not eligible to receive any first time deposit bonus.

18. A Network Tournament is a tournament which takes place on multiple Casinos during the same days/hours, and has the same name and prizepool. A player is only allowed to participate in a Network Tournament on one Casino. If the same person (which will be determined solely by us) is playing on a Network Tournament on more than one Casino, only the first Casino that was played on will count towards any tournament prize.

19. PlayOJO regularly run/advertising Social Media Competitions. Entry into PlayOJO’s competitions via social media channels can be achieved by following the instructions on the original post. Your continued participation in our competitions will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and indemnifies PlayOJO and its agents against any claims arising or pertaining to your entrance to said competitions. Unless otherwise stated there is only one entry per customer per competition across all of social media and you must be a follower of the social media profile from which you are entering the competition and you must use our hashtag #PlayOJO’ if it is required in the post. You must submit your entry at the time mentioned in the post if there is one. Winners will be selected at random or based on criteria set in the respective post.

20. PlayOJO Bingo participates in the Pragmatic Play Bingo Network. Therefore, certain bingo rooms available on PlayOJO Bingo are shared with other Pragmatic Play partners generating larger prize pools and jackpots. Players are permitted to participate in the same network bingo game across multiple Pragmatic bingo operators.

21. Free tickets are available to use in a specific game/s and/or room.
1. Free tickets may have a fixed value eg.£0.10 where the players can only redeem these against tickets that cost £0.10 each. 2. Free tickets may be valid for a range of ticket values eg.£0.01-£0.25 and can be used in games where the ticket price falls within this range. 3. Free Tickets will only be available to be redeemed if a player has eligible tickets for that room and the next scheduled game where the ticket price matches the free ticket value or falls within the ticket value range and where no other free ticket offers are applicable for that game (eg.BOGOF, see 26) 4. Any Promo Tickets offered, “Buy X Get Y Free”, where the player gets a certain number of free tickets upon purchase of a certain number of normal tickets can only be used in the game that they are offered. 5. Some games might be free-of-charge (0 ticket cost), in which case Players who enter the room where the game is hosted, before it starts to play, will receive the same amount of free tickets, and be put in play. Free Tickets received on a free-of-charge game can only be used in the game that they are offered.

22. Free tickets have an expiry date and cannot be used later than this date and will be automatically canceled.

23. Free Tickets have the same chance of winning a prize as normal tickets.

24. The most recent free ticket(s) needs to be redeemed before any other free tickets can become redeemable from the queue.

25. Free tickets can be redeemed from any room that has active free tickets by clicking on the FREE button.

26. Free tickets cannot be used on games where BOGOF or any other free tickets are available.

27. Free ticket cannot be used for pre-buy.

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For a long time, Canada was ignored by bingo websites, but luckily they have found their way to our country in recent years. The lack of bingo websites has fixed itself and this has resulted in an impressive growth of bingo bonuses. We’re happy to say that Canadian online bingo communities are very well served and we’re here to help you as well. In our guides you’ll learn everything you need to know about bingo.

This includes our toplist of best bingo websites in Canada and recent bingo bonuses. Our full guide about the best Canadian bingo bonuses comes with well thought recommendations for the most trusted and popular bingo platforms in the country. Our recommendation? To combine the best land based bingo halls and online bingo websites have to offer in Canada.

How bingo bonuses work

Bingo rooms come in different shapes and sizes and the same holds for bingo bonuses. Welcome packages are often most popular among players, but there are different types of bonuses available for those that love the bingo game as much as we do. Often, bingo rooms are offered in addition to online casinos, live dealer casinos, and sometimes even sportsbooks which is why things can seem a bit tricky at first when trying to find yourself a nice bingo deal. This guide is only focused on bingo bonuses, although we obviously appreciate complete platforms that combine the best bingo rooms, casinos, and the world of sports betting have to offer. Bingo bonuses are either specifically meant for bingo games, while some casino bonuses can also be partially or fully valid for bingo oriented games.

Different types of online bingo bonuses

Bingo websites understand it’s very important to both attract new customers and satisfy existing ones. This is why there are different types of bingo bonuses, which is also the case for online casinos and sportsbooks. A proper bingo website will do its best to out-do its main competitors, offering customers enough incentives to both join and stay. The best bonuses from bingo websites that accept players from Canada, include bingo bonuses with no-deposit required and give existing players enough reason to continue playing. With a good bingo bonus, you’ll get plenty of extra real money to play your favourite online bingo games, like 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, and other popular bingo variants from various bingo game providers.

Match bonuses

This type of bonus requires (at least) a first deposit, which is then matched with more money, often presented in a percentage and with a maximum value that can be claimed. When looking for bingo bonuses that give you the most money for playing bingo online, deposit match bonuses are indispensable as this is probably the first incentive an online platform can give you. Deposit match bonuses are often part of a welcome package and this kind of bonus can easily put a few extra hundreds of dollars on your online bingo account.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is an ongoing bonus that rewards you for making a deposit. This is an additional bonus to the match bonus that is often part of a welcome package. Reload bonuses are common across all platforms like online casinos, live casinos, and sportsbooks and can be available for bingo games as well. The goal of a reload bonus is to keep you playing and to give you some extra value while doing so. Other than that, reload bonuses work in the same way match bonuses do, meaning they require a deposit.

Free play bonus

Free play bonuses are very rare at online bingo rooms, but every now and then we come across them and in case we do, we’ll let you know straight away. A free play bonus allows you to play the bingo website online games without the need to make a deposit or stake your own credits. This way the bonus does what its name suggests and gives you one or multiple risk-free bets. This is why free play bonuses are among the most popular bonuses available.

No-deposit bingo bonus

Another popular bingo bonus is the no-deposit bonus which is considered a risk-free bonus as well. With a no-deposit bingo bonus you will get a small amount of cash prizes, giving you the opportunity to play a game for free until you run out of credits. Typically, you will receive a small amount of money of $5 or $10, which should be enough to make a nice win.  Technically, free play bonuses are no-deposit bonuses as well.


A lot of online gaming websites offer bonuses to their customers to give them a chance to earn back a portion of their losses. This is done via cashbacks which is a bonus we highly appreciate. Bingo websites that offer cashbacks will give you back a certain percentage of your losses at the end of a certain time period, typically once a week or once a month. Cashbacks are listed in percentages and can range anywhere from 5% to 20%. Cashbacks sometimes require you to log into your account and claim the bonus yourself. Other casino websites and online bingo sites automatically deposit the cashback to your credits.

Referral program

Competition is fierce among online gaming websites and although most of them focus on casino games, online bingo websites have been feeling the pressure as well. There is an increasing number of bingo sites available on the internet and this is why referral programs are also used as a tool to attract the crowds. This type of bonus works the same as other referral programs, basically meaning you get benefits for referring the bingo platform’s site to friends and family. When they make a deposit you will receive some sort of reward like cash prizes, free bets, or other benefits. Referral programs are great to boost your bankroll.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs vary from bingo site to bingo site, but more and more websites offer recurring bonuses to their existing customers. These are called Loyalty Programs, VIP programs, or whatever sounds catchy enough to keep existing players on board. The idea of a loyalty program is pretty straightforward and means that players get rewarded for their loyalty.The perks that are usually associated with a VIP-program include monthly player appreciation bonuses, free bets, special access to VIP bingo rooms, and sometimes even invitations to major tournaments. Quite common as well are casino sites that waive withdrawal fees for their top players or speed up the withdrawal. The most welcoming bingo websites in Canada will give you a personal account manager to make you feel even more special.

How to check if bingo bonuses are any good

There are quite a few bonuses available for bingo fanatics which is why it’s very important to carefully go through all of the options to determine which bonus suits you best. We believe there are a few ways to recognise a good bingo platform and the biggest benefit of signing up at a nice bingo website is that they’ll probably have some nice bonuses as well. Overall, there are 3 key factors Canadian online website needs to do to offer the best experience:

1. Canada-oriented: the website needs to support playing in Canadian Dollars and hold a strong licence that is focused on the Canadian market. Preferably, the website only focuses on Canada, but in case the site targets different markets, it is always important it works with Canada-friendly payment methods as well. The other advantage of focusing on Canada as a target market is that multiplayer bingo games will be open and have plenty of participants at times that Canadian players are online. It’s always nice to have some chatty bingo fanatics around that are fun to play with.

2. Proper software: this means the software needs to be user-friendly, work at all times, and be compatible for mobile devices as well. Although playing bingo on the go isn’t yet as big as mobile slot games, we do see that more and more players value mobile functionality. Internet connections in Canada are generally very strong, but can be a bit weaker in remote areas. Taking this into consideration, we only recommend websites that work with high website speeds and adequate software. It’s on you to make sure you’ve got access to a strong internet connection.

3. Feasible terms and conditions: bingo websites don’t like to lose which is why they will give you some incentives, but always hope they win themselves in the long run. You can’t really blame them as everybody’s here to make a win. The other extreme is to offer bonuses with terms that are so hard to meet that you always end up losing. The bingo website we recommend works with feasible terms and conditions. Don’t get us wrong here though as it won’t be easy to beat the bingo website.

Some of the above are very important to check whether a bingo bonus is any good or not. This particularly holds for the criterion that the website will need to be Canada-oriented and must work with feasible terms and conditions. We’ll take a closer look at both of these.


The Canadian online bingo community is growing rapidly. People in Canada really like to play bingo games and we consider ourselves part of the community. Bingo websites are getting more interactive everyday which is why we have turned to online bingo ourselves as well — although we’re still big fans of local bingo rooms as well! As bingo sites try to give you some sense of interaction, things will get a lot more interesting if the service is Canada oriented. This means that deposits can be made in CAD, that the website is available in both English and French, and that Canadian banking methods are widely accepted. The last thing you want to find out is that the bonus value needs to be recalculated in Canadian dollars and that your preferred Canadian payment method is excluded from the bonus. We believe bingo sites need to bear in mind that the Canadian market is different from the European market.


You’ll easily be able to track Canadian bingo websites by checking which licence they work with. We have carefully reviewed bonuses that hold one or more reputable casino licences. Some of the bingo rooms we come across work with an international target group, but others are aimed on Canadian players only. There are a few gaming authorities that grant licences that we believe stand for trustworthiness, including:

  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Licensing Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Isle of Man Gaming License

Only the first licence is fully Canadian while the other ones are widely considered as very reputable. If we look at the quality of the service delivered by this authority, we would put it somewhere between that from Malta and Curaçao. It is not nearly as reputable as in Malta, but also not as dodgy as the one in Curaçao. Unlike the Curaçao license, games must be checked by external audit agencies such as iTech Labs. You can also appeal to the Canadian authority for questions or complaints which isn’t the case for licences in Curaçao that are only sold for commercial intentions. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission will need to work on its reputation and investing in their dreadful website would be a good first step.

Terms and conditions

Canadian online bingo websites are not very keen on giving away free money which is true for casinos and sportsbooks as well. Casino websites give you a practical platform to play bingo for real money without the need to leave your couch, but their bonuses work with a few terms and conditions. These conditions are set to avoid people registering, taking the welcome bonus money and leaving. Compared to casino bonuses, bingo bonuses actually come with reasonable simple terms. For the detail-oriented among us, here’s the nitty gritty of some common bingo bonus terms.

  • Wagering requirements: before you’re able to withdraw your winnings, you need to wager a certain amount of times. This can concern both your bonus and the deposit amount and should be around 2x or so. After having wagered your bonus, you can cash out your bingo wins. The bingo wagering requirements are a lot lower than in online casinos.
  • No cashouts: you can’t cash out the deposit bonus itself, which means you can only withdraw the amount of money you win with the bonus.
  • Bingo cards: depending on the type of bonus, most bingo bonuses are meant to buy bingo cards only. This means the bonus isn’t usable for slot games or live dealer games, although some promos can be cross-platform.

How to claim bingo bonuses

Bingo sites are plentiful and each of them works with its own portfolio, bonuses, and procedure of claiming them. The process of claiming your own bingo bonus can change from one site to another and from bonus to bonus, but there are a few steps most operators share. Every promo should clearly describe what the steps are to claim the bingo bonus. In order to start claiming your next bingo bonus, we advise you to tick off the following steps:

1. Bingo bonuses are different from other bonuses: first learn more

Even though bingo bonus terms seem simple in comparison with other types of bonuses, they can be a bit tricky if you’re used to claiming casino promos or sportsbooks promos. We have tried our best to give a clear overview of all the bingo bonuses that are available and this should help you further understand more about bingo oriented promos. As other types of bonuses can occur in a later stage, we recommend you to learn more about them as well.

2. Stick to bingo websites of our top list

To get the most out of bingo deals you will need a good platform as this will greatly affect your online bingo experience. Expectations are very high among players as most of them are used to all the fun in land based bingo rooms. The websites we have listed on our site have all been tested and should offer everyone a smooth experience providing both an easy to use and interactive website. We’re fully aware how much fun bingo sessions can be in land based bingo rooms, but we’re pretty sure our recommended bingo sites come close.

3. Join the site

Try to choose a bingo room that offers you the complete packages, which we believe is made up of an easy to use website, a trustworthy platform, good games, and appealing bonuses. We believe our picks should give you at least some good options, but it’s on you to decide which website suits you best. Make your pick and sign up for your own bingo account. Make sure to confirm your account by either verifying the link in your email inbox or following the steps you see on your mobile phone.

4. Go through all the terms

Our advice is not to stick to the bonus terms only, but also to take into consideration the general terms and conditions. You might as well skip bonus terms that are not bingo related as they work with different portfolios and don’t say a lot. Having a good bingo site doesn’t necessarily mean the online casino and live casino are worthwhile as well, and the opposite is true as well. The general terms and conditions do say a lot about the operator, while the bingo terms are always indispensable to be able to decide whether a bonus is feasible or not. Most promos work with specific rules, so you need to be just as specific and critical.

5. Deposit funds

Most bingo bonuses will need a deposit to be redeemable which is why you need to deposit your funds. We recommend you to only deposit the funds to meet the maximum amount you can claim with the promo or even less if you find that more convenient. Select your preferred banking method (don’t forget to check if your payment method can be used for the bonus) and confirm your bonus. A lot of banking methods work with immediate transactions, so you’ll probably be able to enjoy your funds and your bonus straightaway.

How to make a profit from bingo bonuses?

Online bingo websites in Canada tend to be very generous and most operators will have some sort of bingo bonus for ideally both new and existing players. The promos for bingo games are especially meant for players that enjoy bingo just as much as we do and that’s why we know which bonuses are worthwhile. Other than having a lot of fun, online bingo is played by many to make a profit and the steps below will guide you in the right direction.

1. Cash out when you meet the roll over requirements

This is the most important step, but fortunately it is a lot easier to meet the rollover requirements for online bingo games than for most other casino games, like online slots. After wagering the bonus money a few times you should be able to cashout and enjoy your wins. Make sure to do so whenever you’re entitled to withdraw your winnings and don’t make the heat of the moment get to you. It’s quite tempting to keep on playing when you’re winning, but we all know how that can end. Therefore: cash out when you meet the roll-over requirements.

2. Don’t exceed maximum bets

All bingo promos work with maximum bets, which is basically a condition you will need to meet at each round. By sticking to the maximum bets you will avoid any issues upon cashing out your wins. Just make sure you don’t raise your stakes and you’ll be fine. Exceeding maximum bets will make them invalid for withdrawals, so don’t get too eager.

3. Practice

The easiest step for last as most players will know how to play bingo. We do want to point out the importance of practice as there are some slight differences between the bingo variants. Make sure you know what you’re doing because this will affect your net revenue. Luckily, bingo is one of the easiest games to play, so it’s up to you to make the most out of it. We believe we’ve done our part to give you all the info you need to make your bingo experience an ultimate one, but don’t forget to check our site every once in a while to find all the latest deals and information about online bingo in Canada. We’re always here to help.

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