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If you made it to this page it means you’re one of the many players that prefers to go to the table game lobby or the liver dealer casino instead of clicking on the assortment with slot games. For this group of players we have set up this roulette game lobby that covers everything you need to know about the game and its online titles. Luckily, there are many roulette games to be found in both the online casino and live dealer casino. Our roulette game lobby includes full game reviews that touch upon the following subjects:

  • About the game: the colourful roulette wheel, the ball, and a stylish table make up the decor for one of the world’s most popular games of chance: roulette. The online variant of this game doesn’t differ from the classic one most users will be familiar with. The outcome of the game depends on where the ball ends after the dealer spins the wheel. It’s the player’s task to predict where the roulette ball is going to land. In addition to traditional roulette, there are all sorts of variants available.
  • How to play: it all depends on where the ball ends after the wheel stops spinning. The idea is to predict where the ball is going to stop and if the prediction is correct, the player wins. If not, the player loses the bet to the house. The exact win depends on the bet made by the player and the betting option that has been chosen. There are different possible bets in a game of roulette.
  • History: the first form of roulette was introduced in 18th century France. However, a lot of historians believe it was Blaise Pascal who introduced the first version of roulette in the 17th century. The predecessor of the roulette mechanism as we know it today is a hybrid of a gaming wheel invented in 1720 and the Italian game Biribi. Roulette has been played in its present form since 1796 when it gained its current characteristics in Paris.
  • Players: thanks to its simplicity, roulette can be played by both experienced and novice players. Anyone who is allowed to gamble is welcome to join the table. Roulette is both played by recreational players who are looking for an elegant game that doesn’t require any skills and high rollers who want to make big bets.
  • Fun fact: unlike other casino games like blackjack or craps, at some casinos it is considered rude to have a drink with you at a roulette table. So while the lure of free casino drinks is tempting, you might consider waiting till you’re finished with roulette. At your favourite online or live dealer casino’s table you won’t have this problem though.

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